Composition vs Values

olBarn sm

In teaching classes and workshops, I fine students have an easier time working with and understanding composition ( the way you arrange the parts of your painting, place your  center of interest and help the viewers eye travel through your painting so you lead there eye and hold them on and around your focal point or center […]

5 Part Value Scale! Class Next!

Daisy and Friends

Have you heard of using a 5 part value scale, using Cad. Red Light as the middle value and having 2 values on each side of the middle. It simplifies the value scale and makes it easier to learn to use hues in your painting that follow these values. There is a contest in Sanders […]

Bearly Fishing!

Bearly Fishing

From a fun Plien Air painting I did a the Falls above Rainbow Lake, took it home and had fun adding a bear. the original sold!  lots of Information below in other blogs on shows and happens!!