Composition vs Values

In teaching classes and workshops, I fine students have an easier time working with and

understanding composition ( the way you arrange the parts of your painting, place your

 center of interest and help the viewers eye travel through your painting so you lead

there eye and hold them on and around your focal point or center of interest) As a self taught

artist with a few workshops in the latter years, I can relate to the struggle to learn to see and

use values ( the use of lights to darks and where each color mix fits in the scale of 9 different

shades, from white to black). First you of course need a value scale, take a small sample of each

basic color on you palette and hold it next to your value scale, squint your eyes and you can see

  what value it comes closes to. When you squint it helps you see the light or dark instead of the

color, as a beginner this is one way to start learning to see your values and place them better.

Take a photo of something simple, like a single item, then make a color copy and a black &

white copy. Now begin to mix the colors you see in your color copy, to tell if the value is right

hold each mixed sample up to the values in the black & white photo, squint, see how close you

came. Then when you get it close and you are happy with it, hold it up to a value scale and see

 where it fits on the scale and make a note and swatch of the color for future reference, and

to help you learn to see this important part of your painting better. Good use of Values can

Make or Break a painting!!!   Happy Painting!!   Ma    

  For question email:  moc.tra-nretsewnull@alram lots of great info. in other blogs!!!

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